Lazer Touch spirit dispenser


Berg Lazor Touch

Berg Laser Touch™ gun style beverage and liquor dispensers and control systems are the ultimate in dispensing quickly, accurately and consistently, making dispensing fast and easy for your bartenders and giving you total control and accountability for every drink poured – all at a very affordable price! A great spirit dispenser for high volume establishments



  • All pours controlled and recorded
  • Consistent drinks
  • Eliminates over pouring, reduces spillage and other losses
  • Fast & easy – single push button dispensing of mixed drinks
  • Up to 16 beverages or liquor brands dispensed per Laser liquor gun
  • Up to 48 cocktail mixes per Laser liquor gun with as many as 5 brands dispensing at once
  • Combine 2 Berg Laser Touch™ liquor guns into one Laser liquor dispensing
  • system for up to 32 brands and 96 cocktail mixes
  • 4 price levels and 4 portion sizes (1/8 to 10 ounces)
  • Compact – fits almost anywhere
  • Remote reservoir houses liquor bottles – never run out during a shift
  • Save more using larger (1.75 L) liquor bottles
  • Secure back room inventory
  • EasyPOS & computer system interface
  • After hours lock out


Compact - Flexible - Easy To Use & Install

Berg Laser Touch™ beverage and liquor dispensing systems provide complete liquor control in compact, easy to use units, eliminating over-pouring and reducing spillage and other losses. The compact design allows Laser beverage and liquor control systems to fit almost anywhere liquor is served. Berg Laser Touch™ liquor control units and beverage and liquor dispensers can be mounted almost anywhere from small bars and hospitality bars to multiple-station bars in large operations.